Water Bath Incubator Shaker

Metabolic Shaking Incubator with Heating Facility Only


Waiometra Water Bath Incubator Shaker is based on the principle of constant shaking under highly controlled temp. conditions generated through hot steam.

Water Bath Incubator Shaker
Digital display .
Temperature controlled by Digital Temperature Controller.
Speed control by speed regulator.
RPM Indicator to indicate RPM.
Energy Efficient.
Long life.
Low Maintenance.
Guaranteed supply of Spares & Service for 10 years.
Onsite installation & after sales service through company trained engineers.
Safety Features
M. C. B. is provided at the mains of the connection.
Overheat Protection controller is provided additionally which protects in case of controller failure.
Fuses are provided on every electrical line to safeguard each and every component.

An Ideal equipment suitable for mixing the samples by shaking with heating in research Institutes and Pharmaceutical Industries & Laboratories.

Industrial Applications
Micro Biology
Temp. Range Ambient to 100oC
Accuracy ± 0.5oC
Temperature Controlled by Digital indicator cum controller
Speed Controlled by speed regulator.
RPM Shown in Indicator
Power Supply 220V, Single Phase, 50Hz, AC.
Inside DMade of Stainless Steel 304 grade
Outside Made of Mild Steel sheet duly painted.
Outer wall Double walled
Shaking Tray Made of stainless steel One No.
S. No. Cat. No. 0Inside Chamber Size
(H x W x D) mm
Flask Capacity (ml) Cap. Ltrs
(a) WB 2727 D 275mm x 275mm x 150mm 9 flask 100 12
(b) WB 4030 D 400mm x 300mm x 150mm 12 flask100 18
(a) Clamps to hold flask of 25ml/ 50 ml/ 100ml/ 250 ml/ 500ml/ T. T. Rack (Any one size) (Pls. suffix R for Cat No.)
(b) Shaking speed 40 to 300 RPM instead of 180 RPM (Pls. suffix S-300 for Cat No.)
(c) Digital temperature controller calibration certificate issued by test house traceable to NPL or NABL accredited Lab.
(d) IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ certificates
(e) Port for Computer interface (Please suffix PC for cat no.)
IEC 61010-1-2:2001/IEC-60601
CE Certificate
NSIC & SSI Regn. Certificate
FFactory Testing Certificate for
(a) Stainless steel test certificate (Optional)
(b) Digital temperature controller calibration certificate
(b) Working Manual
IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ Certificates (Optional)
Digital temperature controller calibration certificate by test house traceable to NABL accredited Lab (Optional)