Serological Water Bath

Serological Water Bath Digital


Waiometra Serological water baths are used for clinical procedure, Incubation, Inactivation, Agglutination, as well as most serological pharmaceutical, biomedical procedure, Washer man, Kolmer and Khan Test inactivation's, Paraffin Embedding and many other applications in the laboratories. We specialize in both standard and customized models, specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of various test areas.

High Precision Water Bath
Versatile usage.
Ergonomic Design.
Energy Efficient.
Long life.
Low Maintenance.
Calibration and Protocol Documentation.
PID based temperature controller.
Aesthetically designed- Designed according to the standards and principles underlining industry's aesthetic values.
Corrosion Resistant Interior and Exteriors- Corrosion resistant coatings like epoxy coatings are applied inside and outside the baths to prevent against degradation due to moisture, salt spray, oxidation or exposure to a variety of environmental or industrial chemicals/ corrosive agents.
Energy Efficient – The baths uses less energy to provide the same level of performance, comfort and convenience, thus making it energy conserving.
Energy Efficient .
Long life.
Low Maintenance.
Guaranteed supply of Spares & Service for 10 years.
Safety Features
M. C. B. is provided at the mains of the connection.
Overheat Protection controller is provided additionally which protects in case of controller failure.
Fuses are provided on every electrical line to safeguard each and every component.

Waiometra High Precision Water Bath is suitable for Biotechnology, Clinical, Environmental, Medical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical or Industrial Applications.

Serological pharmaceutical, biomedical procedure.
Research laboratories
Outer construction PCRC/SS 304
Inner construction SS 304
Temperature Control
Temperature Sensitivity ± oC 0.5 or better
Spatial Deviation In Temperature ± oC 0.5 or better (with stirring)
Readability oC 0.1
Temperature range ± oC 5oC above ambient to 90oC
Temperature Sensor   PT-100
Temperature Controller   PID controller
Display   LED/LCD
Power consumption    
Nominal power W 500 -650
Nominal voltage V 220-230 Volts, 50 Hz Single Phase
Frequency Hz 500
S.No Cat No. Inside Tank Size
(H x W x D)
Racks Ltr (app.)
(a) SWB-3025 300 x 250 x 125 2 13
(b) SWB-3230 325 x 300 x 175 4 13
(c) SWB-4030 450 x 300 x 175 6 23
(d) SWB-6030 600 x 300 x175 8 31
(a) Stirring arrangement with high speed motor (Pls. Suffix s for cat no.)
(b) Outer body made of stainless steel with stirring arrangement.
(c) Domed lid instead of flat lid (Pls. Suffix DL for Cat no.)
(d) Digital temperature controller calibration certificate issued by test house traceable to NPL or NABL accredited Lab.
(e) Digital temperature controller calibration certificate issued by manufacturer.
(f) IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ Certificates.
ISO -9001:2015
IEC 61010-1-2:2001/IEC-60601
CE Certificate
WHO GMP Certificate
IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ Certificates (Optional)
Working Manual
Factory (Manufacturer) Testing Certificate for
(a) Stainless steel test certificate (Optional)