PCR Workstation

PCR Workstation Waiometra


The Waiometra PCR workstation is equipped with an open UV lamp installed in the upper part of the hood. UV-radiation from these lamps effectively disinfects the working area chamber, inactivating DNA / RNA fragments during 15-30 minutes of exposure. The UV light switches off automatically when door is opened. The model has a stainless steel work surface, metal framework and shock proof glass panels.

The digital timer controls the duration of the direct UV irradiation. An additional daylight lamp provides a bright, clear working area.

1 x 25W 254 nm open UV lamp.
UV exposure controlled by 24h digital timer.
Convenient, easy to use digital timer for accurate control of UV exposure.
White lamp provides local illumination of the workplace to optimise visual control during operations.
Available with access port (UVT-B-AR INL) or internal power socket (UVT-B-AR).
Simple and user friendly.
Energy efficient.
Guaranteed supply of spares & Service for 10 years .
Onsite installation & after sales service through company trained engineers.
Safety Features
M. C. B. is provided at the mains of the connection.
Overheat controller is provided additionally which protect to control in case of controller failure.
Fuses are provided on every electrical line to safeguard each and every component.

Used for sterilization of surgical instruments, dressing material, linen, rubber, plastic materials by means of saturated steam under pressure of 15 to 20 psi (adjustable) apart from health services it is also used in scientific research institutions and universities.

Life Science - Germicidal and Virucidal
Inhibition of DNA and RNA Contamination
Applications Requiring No Residual Decontaminants Such As Disinfectants
Operations with DNA/RNA Amplicons
Microbiological research
Operating Temp. & Pressure
Sterilizing Temp. 121oC
Sterilizing pressure 1.2 kg/cm2 (15-17 psi)
Power Requirement Suitable to operate on 220 Volts, single ph, 50 Hz, AC supply.
Construction Double Walled
Inside Chamber Stainless steel
Outside Chamber Made of Mild steel/G.I. sheet duly painted (S. S. 304 optional).
Door Double Door.
Shelves Stainless steel shelves are provided.
S.No Cat No. Working Table Sizemm (L x W x H )
(a) PCW669 610 x 635 x 950
(b) PCW669H 610 x 635 x 950
(a) IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ Certificates.
ISO -9001:2015
IEC 61010-1-2:2001/IEC-60601
CE Certificate
WHO GMP Certificate
IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ Certificates (Optional)
Working Manual
Factory (Manufacturer) Testing Certificate for
(a) Stainless steel test certificate (Optional)