Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Vertical Waiometra

Password protection, UV Tube & Front Door Interlocking, UV Tube life meter, HEPA Filter life meter & alarm


Waiometra Laminar Air Flow Cabinets are based on the principle to provide a work area completely bathed in a high efficiency perfect air, which is free from any kind of particulate contamination or impurities. VERTICAL Laminar air flow are clean benches which have their own supply of highly purified air in which the total air present in the enclosure moves in a unidirection velocity flowing in vertical downward, which is free from macroscopic fluctuations. The Vertical laminar air flow unit directs the air in mono direction which is away from user and towards the products, giving ultimate protection to the user.

Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Horizontal Waiometra
Microprocessor based LED + LCD Controller
Password protection (Programmable) for authorised operation
Initial self cleaning cycle with programmable time
Real time Cock
Display of life used & life remaining of HEPA filter and UV tube
HEPA filter alarm after HEPA filter life is over and guideline for further action through LCD controller
Audio Visual door unsafe alarm, if door is at incorrect operating height.
UV light/Door/Fluorescent Light Inter Lock i.e. UV switches ON only when door is closed, and automatically switches OFF fluorescent lights.
If UV light is ON & the operator tries to open the door, it raises audio visual alarm.
Display of safe / unsafe position of door
Energy Efficient Mechanism.
Low Noise and Vibration Levels.
Long Life and Low maintenance.
Conforms to US Federal Standard Class 100.
Modular Design (can be disassembled & assembled within 10 minutes at customer's sight.
Guaranteed supply of spares for 10 years.
Onsite installation and after sales service by company trained engineers.

Waiometra laminar air flow cabinets are ideally suited in all the applications requiring protection of biological specimens or products from the possible contamination during the process or test.
Waiometra laminar air flow bench is popular in pharmaceutical production, electronic industries and various other manufacturing applications.

Food manufacturing
Food industry
Microbiology and Tissue culture lab
Veterinary and seed sciences
Direction of Flow Vertical down to worktable
Cleanliness Level Class 100
Velocity 70 fpm ±20%
Noise Level 65 db A ± 5%
Controller Microprocessor Controller based with LCD display, menu control, automatic filter alarm system and a large number of very useful controlled features.
Working Table Made of perforated stainless steel sheet stain finished.
Front Door Made of clear perpex sheet.
HEPA Filter
Media Glass Fiber Paper
Particle Retention 0.3 micron & above
Efficiency 99.97% at Hot DOP & 99.99% at Cold DOP
Pre Filter
Media Non woven synthetic Polyester with metallic wire mesh, pleated
Particle Retention 10-15 micron
Efficiency 90%
Pressure Drop 6mm WG
Blower Assembly Single phase,1440 rpm motor, directly coupled with a pair of metallic centrifugal impeller. Low noise & low vibration with dynamically balanced blower.
Ultra Violet Lamp Provided as per table below
Illumination Provided with diffusers as per table below
Standard Accessories Pressure manometer, Gas inlet nozzle, floor leveling screws & wire cord
Power Supply 220 V 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC supply
Construction Options
(i) Full body made of Mild Steel / G. I. Sheet duly powder coated (totally in white colour) with S. S. table top
(ii) Full body made of S. S. 304.

The Work Table is made of S. S. 304. Side panels and front door are made of thick plexiglass of special grade to resist the UV effect. Front door has a unique feature of double fold system. It can be half/full open during working. The entire unit rests on four castor wheels. The unit is completely modular & can be disassembled/assembled by the user within 10 minutes.

M.S./G.I. Stainless
Working Table
(in Mm)
Size of
Hepa Filter
No. of
Details of
UV Tube
AMV-2 SSV-2 600x600x600
(2' x 2' x 2')
(2' x 2' x 6")
1 1 x 15 W
AMV-3 SSV-3 900x600x600
(3' x 2' x 2')
(3' x 2' x 6")
1 1 x 30 W
AMV-4 SSV-4 1200x600x600
(4' x 2' x 2')
(4' x 2' x 6")
1 1 x 30 W
AMV-6 SSV-6 1800x600x600
(6' x 2' x 2')
(3' x 2' x 6")(x 2 filters)
2 1 x 30 W
AMV-8 SSV-8 2400x600x600
(8' x 2' x 2')
(4' x 2' x6")(x 2 filters)
2 2 x 30 W
(a) Exhaust System (Pls. suffix ES for Cat No.)
(b) PVC duct of 150mm dia per running ft. (Pls. suffix ED for Cat No.)
(c) Megnehalic Gauge to track filter pressure (Pls. suffix MG for Cat No.)
(d) Motor Blower to be switched off as soon as the door is fully closed (Please Suffix 0 for cat no.)
(e) IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ certificates
(f) Onsite Particle Counting Test with Air velocity & other tests.
ISO -9001:2008
IEC 60601, EN 61326-1:2006
IEC 61010-1 Ed 3.0 & BS EN 12469:2000
CE Certificate
NSIC Regn. Certificate
SSI Regn. Certificate
Factory Testing Certificate for
(a) Particle Counting which prove the Class 100 working of the instruments (Optional
(b) Air velocity test certificate (Optional)
(c) Lighting intensity certificate.
IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ Certificates (Optional)