Fume Hood



Waiometra Fume Hood based on the principle to provide a work area which is free from all the potentially hazardous fumes or chemical effluents that may be emitted during the course of a given experiment or procedure in a laboratory. name_icon Fume Hoods capture the fumes released during an experiment by drawing fresh air from the environment, pass the user & get into the unit. This way the concentration of the chemical fumes/effluents are kept at the minimum possible levels in and around the breathing zone of the user. The vector of the air in the fume hood points to the inward direction and perpendicular to the face of the user. The velocity of the air is controlled at approximately 80 to 130 feet per minute, so as to control the particle kinetics of various aerosols and diffused gases.

Fume Hood
Auto bypass, Aerodynamic design, made of powder coated galvanized steel.
Internal corrosion resistant FRP work walls.
Easy to clean Black-jet granite work-top.
Toughened glass / Acrylic front shutter.
Service fixtures with sink, water tap & gas connection.
Tube light for bright illumination of work area.
Smooth and silent in-built blower.
Apparatus holding grid (optional).
Highly recommended for exhaust of toxic gases, acidic/alkaline fumes, chemical vapors, removal of odour etc from the hood working area.
Complete exhaust motor blower assembly generates a negative pressure inside the hood thus facilitating removal of all conaminants from the works area, into the atmosphere.
The front door moves vertically up and down with concealed counter balanced weight.
Energy Efficient Mechanism.
Low Noise Levels.
Long Life .
Low maintenance.
Safety Features
M. C. B. is provided at the mains of the connection.
Fuses are provided on every electrical line to safeguard each and every component.

Waiometra Fume Hood is suitable for handling hazardous chemicals, fumes medium to low risk organisms encountered in research investigation, Labs in all branches of chemical, medical , Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals & Sciences.

Chemical Laboratories
Testing And Research
Pharmaceuticals& Science
Design Structure Aerodynamic, Floor mounted
Airflow Type Automatic Bypass Type
Construction (Exterior) powder coated G. I. or M. S. sheet.
Construction (Interior) Chemical resistant, durable, polypropylene (PP)/Glass Fibre integral work walls (5mm thick)
Baffle arrangement 3 point suction system (for light, normal & heavy fumes) with baffle to ensure smooth and immediate exhaust of fumes.
Worktop Chemical resistant splash & spillage proof granite worktop
Sash (Shutter) Vertical rising counter-balanced 'Toughened Glass' sash (4mm, thick). Smooth and light sash operation. Clear openable height = 700mm appx.
Lighting Fluorescent light (40 watt, 1 Nos. or 20watt, 2 Nos.) with vapour - proof fitting to proper illumination.
Electrical Utilities Electrical sockets (230 V, 5/15 A, 50 Hz), with blower NO/NC switch (for customer's starter) & light switch on front fascia.
Storage Base cabinet will have four shelves for storage.
Fire Extinguisher ABC dry power fire extinguisher (500gm)
Level Adjusting To adjust fume hood level by ± 100mm approx.

Single Walled. Metallic CRC sheet duly Powder Coated. Interior chemical resistant, durable, FRP or polypropylene integral work walls with Baffle arrangement. Worktop Chemical resistant splash & spillage proof granite. Fume Hood with water supply, two ports for gas/vacuum/ LPG . One electrical socket.

S. No. Cat No. Inner Size (LxWxH)
(a) MFH-9075 90cm x 75cm x 75cm (3ft x 2½ft x 2½ft)
(b) MFH-1275 120cm x 75cm x 75cm (4ft x 2½ft x 2½ft)
(c) MFH-1575 150cm x 75cm x 75cm (5ft x 2½ft x 2½ft)
(d) MFH-1875 180cm x 75cm x 75cm (6ft x 2½ft x 2½ft)
(e) MFH-15 Custom Made size
(a) Fume duct PVC per running ft)
(b) Grid at the back wall of working chamber to hold the glass apparatus
Buyer's Obligations
(a) At all time of ordering. Please specify the name of chemicals/solvents to be used so that we can check the compatibility of the contact parts of the instruments. (We are not responsible for any compatibility problem if not specified with the order.)
(b) Water supply within one meter distance from the site of Fume Hood.
(c) Electrical connection 3 phase 440 volts with in one meter distance from the site of Fume Hood.
(d) Drainage system near the unit.
(e) Suitable space for exhaust pipe nearest possible at around 10 ft height.
(f) The equipment is big bulky & heavy. Please check the door size & passage to the desired lab. It is recommended to place the unit on ground floor only.
ISO -9001:2008
IEC 60601, EN 61326-1:2006
IEC 61010-1 Ed 3.0 & BS EN 12469:2000
CE Certificate
NSIC Regn. Certificate
SSI Regn. Certificate
Factory Testing Certificate for
(a) Particle Counting which prove the Class 100 working of the instruments (Optional
(b) Air velocity test certificate (Optional)
(c) Lighting intensity certificate.
IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ Certificates (Optional)