Class II Type A2 Fully Automatic Model

LCD/LED display of Air Velocity, Alarm for Undershoot / Overshoot of Air Velocity.


Waiometra Bio Safety Cabinet are based on the principle to provide a work area that is completely bathed in a high efficiency perfect air, which is free from any kinds of particulate contamination. These biosafety cabinets are indispensable when the user is working with potentially infections bio hazardous cabinets are indispensable when the user is working with potentially infections bio hazardous agents, bacteria and viruses WAIOMETRA Bio Safety Cabinets ensure the triple protection to the personnel, environment and the product by trapping the potentially harmful micro organisms inside the filters & virus burn out unit.

Class II Type A2 Fully Automatic Model
Display screen to provide information about Air exhaust value, Laminar flow value, real time counter for exhaust & laminar fan, UV elapse hour counter and Filter lifespan Safety alarm for low exhaust, low laminar flow, fault of exhaust fan, fault of laminar flow fan, closing condition of visible window.
Programmable UV Light to allow specific exposure time from 0 to 60 minute with automatic shut-off features UV interlocking with front window i.e. closed automatically when front window is open.
Fully Automatic Microprocessor Controlled.
Automatically adjustment of motor speed to ensure safe airflow.
Initial self cleaning cycle with programmable time.
LCD/LED display of Air Velocity, Alarm for Undershoot / Overshoot of Air Velocity.
Password protection (Programmable) for authorised operation
Initial self cleaning cycle with programmable time
Audio Visual door unsafe alarm, if door is at incorrect operating height.
UV timer showing used time and balance available life in hours
Total HEPA Filter timer showing used time and balance available life in hour
HEPA/ULPA filter alarm after HEPA/ULPA filter life is over and guideline for further action through LCD controller
Audio Visual door unsafe alarm, if door is at incorrect operating height.
UV light/Door/Fluorescent Light Inter Lock i.e. UV switches ON only when door is closed, and automatically switches OFF fluorescent lights.
If UV light is ON & the operator tries to open the door, it raises audio visual alarm.
Display of safe / unsafe position for door.
Ergonomic Design .
Versatile Usage.
Energy Efficient Mechanism.
Low Noise and Vibration Levels.
Long Life and Low maintenance.
Guaranteed supply of spares for 10 years.
Conforms to ISO 14644.1 Class 3 or better cleanliness level.
Onsite installation and after sales service by company trained engineers.

Waiometra Safety Cabinet is suitable for handling medium to low risk organisms encountered in research investigation, Labs in all branches of medical, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals & Sciences.

Airflow Pattern : 70% re-circulation and 30% Exhaust through HEPA/ULPA Filter
220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
FAMB-3 2A4 FAMB-4 2A FAMB-6 2A
External Dimensions (WxDxH) 975x875x2175 mm
1275x875x2175 mm
Internal Dimensions (WxDxH) 900x600x600mm
(3' x 2' x 2')
(4' x 2' x 2')
(6' x 2' x 2')
Usable Work Area 0.42 m2 (4.5 ft2) 0.56 m2(6.0 ft2) 0.70 m2(7.5 ft2)
Tested Opening 203 mm (8")
Inflow Air Velocity 0.53 m/s (105 fpm)
Downlow Air Velocity 0.30 m/s (60 fpm)
HEPA/ULPA Filter Typical
>99.999% at 0.1 to 0.3 micron, ULPA
>99.999% at MPPS, H14 as per EN 1822 EU
>99.99% on 0.3 micron size particles by DOP test
(filter leakage test according to EN12469>
Air Cleanliness ISO 14644.1 Class 3 or better
Sound Emission per EN 12469 < 60 dBA and vibration free
Fluorescent Lamp Intensity ≥ 1200 lux
Power Supply 220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Cabinet Construction Main Body Made of 18 gauge electro-galvanized steel, with oven backed epoxy powder coated finish
Stainless Steel 304 grade
Work Surface Made of single piece Stainless steel 304 grade
Side Wall Made of single piece Stainless Steel 304 grade
Armrest Comfortable armrest Made of Stainless Steel 304 grade for
elevating the operators arms to prevent inflow grille
blockage for safety work
Front Window Frameless front window with non- reflecting safety glass. 
Maximum height of front widow opening is 500mm with 10°
slanted to offer operator comfort while working for long time.
5mm UV resistant with adjustable balancer suspension
Chamber Dynamic chamber plenum design for quiet, uniform airflow,
negative pressure plenum surrounded contaminated positive
pressure plenum
Motor ECM (electro-compensated) Motor automatically adjust
the airflow speed without the use of damper to ensure
continuous safe working conditions
Support stand Provided with leveling screws adjustable upto 100mm approx.

The Work Table is made of S. S. 304. Side panels and front door are made of thick plexiglass of special grade to resist the UV effect. Front door has a unique feature of sliding up and down with a very light hand pressure as it is counterbalanced with another weight. It can be half / full open during working. The entire unit rests on four castor wheels, complete with exhaust system. The unit is completely modular & can be disassembled/assembled by the user.

Standard Accessories

Anti-explosion, anti-splash power socket, water/media and gas inlet, Pressure manometer, Gas inlet nozzle, floor leveling screws, Support Stand, castor wheels fixed foot & foot master, UV lamp, electrical outlet sockets and movable stand with wheel & breaks (antimicrobial coated), wire cord & spillage tray with outlet.

(a) Pressure sensor to detect pressure drop across the supply filter to ensure consistent and reliable down flow velocity across the supply HEPA/ULPA filter over the life of the cabinet. The pressure sensor will be encased in order to protect the sensor from temperature, humidity and other environmental phenomenon that can impact the sensor's performance.
(b) Virus Burn out at exhaust (Pls. suffix VB for Cat No.)
(c) Thimble Exhaust duct of 150mm or 200mm dia per running ft. (Pls. suffix ED for Cat No.)
(d) Magnehelic Gauge (Pls. suffix MG for Cat No.)
(e) Motorised Door Movement
(f) Canopy (Thimble) Unit for ducting exhaust connection to outside the room.
(g) Hydraulic Stand .
(h) Lab Chair/Saddle Stool.
(i) Foot Rest.
(j) Gas Burner.
(k) Two or more Sockets of 5 / 15 AMP. Inside chamber.
(l) UPS with battery backup.
(m) IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ certificates.
(n) Onsite Particle Counting Test with Air velocity & other tests.
(o) Warranty upto 5 years.
EN 12469 Compliant Certificate
ISO - 14644-1
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 13485:2016 Certificate
IEC 61010 -1-2:2001/IEC-60601
CE Certificate
IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ Certificates (Optional)
Factory Testing Certificate for
(a) Particle Counting which prove the Class 100 working of the instruments (Optional)
(b) Air velocity test certificate (Optional)
(c) Lighting intensity certificate.
(d) Working Manual.
(e) HEPA filter leak test.
(f) Down flow velocity test.
(g) Inflow velocity test.
(h) Airflow smoke pattern test.