Dry Bath Incubator

  • LED display for easy reading.
  • 3D digital wheel adjustment of time and temperature
  • Adjustable temperature is upto 150°C
  • High temperature stability is upto ± 0.2°C.
  • Machined aluminum heating unit allows for highly precise control of temperature Included PT1000 temperature sensor allows temperature control directly in the sample vessal
  • Adjustable timing range of 1 min to 99h 59 min.
  • Fixed safety circuit.
  • Error code display.
  • Various application with different blocks.
  • Automatic calibration with external PT1000 temperature sensor.
96 well, Gradient Block Compatible with regular profile or low profile 0.2 ml PCR tube, strip, none skirted, semi-skirted and fullskirted 96-well plate
Block Temperature
Block Temperature Range
4.0 to 99.9 °C
Max. Heating Rate ( °C/sec.) 5.5
Max. Cooling Rate ( °C/sec.) 3.3
Temperature Accuracy +/-0.3 °C
Temperature Uniformity Across Block +/-0.3 °C
Adjustable Ramping and Cooling Rate Yes, low /high
Gradient Temperature
Gradient Direction
Horizontal across the block
Gradient Temperature Range 30 ~ 99 °C
Gradient Temperature Difference Max. span 24 °C
Software Portability of Protocols Save and transfer to computer or additional cycler via USBflash drive
Stored Program No. > 500 sets
Registered User Folder No. 100 sets
User Folder Password Protection Yes
Run Status Report Yes, TXT output and transfer via USB flash drive
Tools TM calculator, Copy number calculator, Mastermix preparation calculator
General Display 7" color LCD with touch panel
Data Ports 1 USB A front port for USB flash drive
Heated Lid Yes, fixed 105 °C, 120 °C and off
Auto Restart after Power Outage Yes
Remote Motoring via WiFi Optional
Footprint Dimensions (H x W x D) 225 mm x 245 mm x 415 mm
Weight 10 kg
Power Supply VAC 100-240, 50/60 Hz, 700 W
Standard CE IVD, RoHS
Part No. Description
ATC0401001-35 Single block, Eppendrof tubes 20 x 1.5ml, Φ 11.5mm x 36.9mm
ATC0401001-54 Single block, Conical tubes, 12 x 15ml, Φ 17.1mm x 44.5mm
ATC0401001-55 Single block, Conical tubes, 5 x 50ml, Φ 29.0mm x 47.6mm
ATC0401001-60 Single block, PCR tubes 30 x 0.5ml, Φ 7.9mm 27.6mm
ATC0401001-61 Single block, Microtube combination6/10/5 x 0.5/1.5/2ml
ATC0401001-62 Single block, Microtubes 20 x 1.5ml Φ 11.1mm x 39.1mm
ATC0401001-63 Single block, Eppendrof tubes 20 x 2.0ml Φ 11.5mm x 38.1mm
ATC0401001-64 Single block, Corning tubes 20 x 2.0ml, Φ 10.9mm x 38.1mm
ATC0401001-66 Single block, Centrifuge tube combination 4/3/2 x 1.5/15/50ml
ATC0401001-67 Single block, Round tubes, 30 x 6mm Φ 8.3mm 48.4mm
ATC0401001-68 Single block, Round tubes, 24 x 10mm Φ 10.7mm 48.4mm
ATC0401001-69 Single block, Round tubes, 16 x 12/13mm Φ 13.9mm 48.4mm
ATC0401001-70 Single block, Round tubes, 20 x 12/13mm Φ 13.9mm 48.4mm
ATC0401001-71 Single block, Round tubes, 12 x 15/16mm Φ 17.5mm 48.4mm
ATC0401001-72 Single block, Round tubes, 8 x 20mm Φ 21mm 48.4mm
ATC0401001-73 Single block, Round tubes, 6 x 25mm Φ 26.2mm 48.4mm
ATC0401001-74 Single block, Round tubes, 4 x 35mm Φ 35.2mm 47.6mm
ATC0401001-75 Single block, Round tubes, 12 x 17/18mm Φ 19.1mm 48.4mm
ATC0401001-76 Single block, Vials 20 x 12mm Φ 12.7mm x 30mm
ATC0401001-77 Single block, Round tubes, 8 x 20mm Φ 21mm 48.4mm
ATC0401001-78 Single block, Vials 12 x 17mm Φ 17.8mm x 45mm
ATC0401001-79 Single block, Vials 12 x 19mm Φ 19.7mm x 45mm
ATC0401001-80 Single block, Vials 9 x 21mm Φ 21.7mm x 45mm
ATC0401001-81 Single block, Vials 8 x 23mm Φ 23.8mm x 45mm
ATC0401001-82 Single block, Vials 8 x 25mm Φ 25.8mm x 45mm
ATC0401001-83 Single block, Vials 6 x 28mm Φ 28.8.8mm x 45mm
ATC0401001-84 Single block, , Vials 15 x 16mm Φ 16.4mm x 45mm
ATC0401001-85 Single block, 10 x 8 PCR tube strips, 0.2ml tubes
ATC0401001-86 Single block, 64 PCR tube strips, 0.2ml tubes
ATC0401001-88 Single block, 2 x 6 cuvettes, 12.5mm
Dry Bath Incubator
Dry Bath Incubator
Dry Bath Incubator