B.O.D Incubator Shaker



Waiometra B.O.D. Incubator Shaker is based on the principle to provide preset controlled temperature clubbed with rotation of material at preset controlled RPM.

B.O.D Incubator Shaker
Feather touch controller, plate mounted on the door. (no Separate panel).
Digital display L. E. D + L. C. D. Both.
Continues display of set temperature, attained temperature, time, day, date, etc.
As soon as the set temperature is attained, timer start automatically & raise the alarm after the set time is over (Fully automatic).
Indication LED of door open.
Battery operated controller with indication of power failure.
Energy Efficient.
Long life.
Low Maintenance.
Guaranteed supply of Spares & Service for 10 years.
Onsite installation and after sales service by company trained engineers.
Safety Features
M. C. B. is provided at the mains of the connection.
Overheat Protection controller is provided additionally which protects in case of controller failure.
Fuses are provided on every electrical line to safeguard each and every component.

Ideal for research & development laboratories, industrial, medicine, for biochemical's oxygen demand enzymatic, serum & sewage studies, storage of heat sensitive vaccines, insulin lever extract pharmacy medicines etc.

Plant and Insect Studies
Enzyme assays
Drug stability tests
Fermentation Studies
Bacterial Culturing
Working Temp. 5oC to 60oC or 10oC to 60oC when lights are ON.
Temp. Accuracy ± 1oC or batter
Temp. Readability 0 .1oC
Shaking Speed 25 - 200 RPM (extendable to 300 RPM)
Tray Universal tray to adopt any size of fresh clamp.
Timer Programmable cyclic 24 Hrsx7 days.
RPM Meter Digital.
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase AC supply
Inner chamber Made of S. S. 304 grade (S. S. 316 optional).
Outside Made of Mild Steel duly painted (S. S. 304 optional)
Outer Door Thick, insulated, powder coated with glass window.
Compressor Fitted with standard make Kirloskar/ Shriram.
Circulating Fan 2 Nos. fitted inside the chamber
Tray 1/2 No. made of S. S. wire. The tray can be adjusted anywhere at a distance of 4cms.
Motor D. C. Drive Motor
Tube Lights 3 or 4
Shaking Platform Shaking platform is universal type. It has multiple holes with universal thread. Clamp of any size can be fitted on any hole.
Cat No. Size of Inside Chamber
(H x W x D) (mm)
Volume cu. ft. Shaking Platform Chamber Cap. in Ltrs
OSIV-5642 560 x 420 x 380 3 9 flask of 250 ml 85
OSIV-8450 840 x 500 x 410 6 12 flask of 250 ml 170
OSIV-9958 990 x 580 x 490 10 16 flask of 250 ml 285
OS-18-L 580x600mm to hold 18 Ltr. of liquid  
OS-9-L 660x765x850mm to hold 9 Ltr. of liquid  
(a) Clamps for Holding Conical Flask at an extra cost suffix C for cat no.
(b) Recommended Voltage Stabilizer (Pls suffix VS for cat. no.)
(c) Outer body made of Stainless Steel 304 instead of Mild Steel (G.M.P. Model) (Pls suffix GMP for cat. no.)
(d) Inner chamber made of S. S. 316 instead of S. S. 304 (Pls suffix IC-316 for cat. no.)
(e) Spare Tray for desired size of flasks (Pls suffix T for cat. no.)
(f) Spare Shelf (Pls suffix S for cat. no.)
(g) Shaking speed upto 300 RPM instead of 180 (Pls Suffix S-300 for Catalogue No.)
(h) Port of computer interface (Pls suffix C for cat. no.)
(i) Digital temperature controller calibration certificate by test house traceable to NPL or NABL accredited Lab.
(j) IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ certificates
(k) Humidity Controlled Orbital Shaking Incubator also available.
(l) UV tubes for sterilization.
CE Certificate
NSIC & SSI Regn. Certificate
Factory Testing Certificate for
(a) Stainless steel test certificate (Optional)
(b) Digital temperature controller calibration certificate
IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ Certificates (Optional)
Digital temperature controller calibration certificate by test house traceable to NABL
accredited Lab (Optional)
Particle Counting Testing Certificate (Optional)