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Associated Scientific Technologies started its jouney of manufacturing high quality laboratory equipments and scientific instruments such as (biosafety cabinet, laminar flow cabinet, autoclave, ovens, incubator, fume hood and many more) with the sole aim of providing import replacements to its customers. Started in 2001 with one team of four technicians it has grown to 60 people in the factory apart from administration and marketing staff

Associated Scientific Technologies are committed to achieve excellence in all fields of its business operations. The company has its own manufacturing based at New Delhi. Besides this, AST has with it the services of highly experienced engineers and technicians, who are well versed in various applications pertaining to laboratory, medical and scientific instruments and apparatus.

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Clean Room Equipments
Clean Room Equipments

Associated Scientific is one of the renowned Manufacturers, Supplier, Service Provider and Exporters of a varied range of clean room equipment. Some of our offerings include horizontal laminar flow cabinet's horizontal, horizontal laminar flow cabinets vertical and biosafety cabinets.

Cooling Equipments
Cooling Equipments

With rich experience we have the most developed, robust and extensive range of cooling equipment (BOD, Deep Freezer, Incubator Shaker) to meet your laboratory needs today and will continue to innovate to improve testing confidence and compliance.

test chambers
Test Chambers

Associated Scientific have been leading the market as one of the well-known manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Test chambers. Our company has flourished in the market because of some reliable and strong products such as incubators, oven and environmental chamber.

Safety Equipments
Safety Equipments

Associated Scientific developed the unique and advanced safety equipments (Fume Hood).We pride ourselves in our capability to provide accommodation a wide range of customers Universities, Hospitals, Research Laboratories, Dental Labs, Government Institutions and a wide range of Industrial Facilities, both domestic and international, all count on us to provide compact fume hood systems that offer a high level of filtration.

Sterilisation Equipments

Combining cutting-edge technology and innovative designing concept, we offer an advanced range of sterilisation equipments (Autoclave Vertical Double Walled and Triple Walled). Incorporating latest technology, these equipment are highly reliable and easy to operate. We have been successfully fulfilling the diverse needs of engineers, scientists, researchers and government agencies from across the world.

water bath
Water Bath

Associated Scientific is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited companies have established itself as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier Industrial & Scientific Laboratory Equipments. Our range of equipments includes water bath and water bath incubator shaker and many more. This major achievement was accomplished through commitment; teamwork coupled with your co-operation and valued support from time to time.

Bench Top Instruments

Associated Scientific is one of the oldest laboratory equipment manufacturer company in India. The company was well known for Bench Top Instruments such as (LED Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer, LED Digital Vortex Mixer, Vortex Mixer, Dry Barth Incubator and Electrophoresis & Power Supplies). These instruments used in pharmaceutical, hospitals, and laboratory research, textile and light industrial applications etc.


Associated Scientific manufactures best quality laboratory furnaces (Muffle Furnace and High Temperature Furnace) that are used for continuous heating for processing samples and materials in a laboratory. These laboratory furnaces are built using refractory materials in order help maintaining high temperatures for a longer duration.

Other Equipments
Toxicon Instruments

Associated Scientific is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of this impeccable range of Scientific Laboratory Equipments (toxicon spectrophotometer, toxicon refractometer, toxicon polarimeter, toxicon viscometer and toxicon analytical balance). We have the aptitude and expertise to manufacture equipment as per clients' requirements & international specifications.

Consulting & Customized Solutions

A New Approach to Generate Revenue, Leverage Lab Capacity, and Reduce Cost

Associated Scientific is a flexible, customizable outreach solution for any laboratories or research center to drive performance excellence, maximize profitability, and facilitate the variety of care.

Whether your issues engage workflow, laboratory design and space planning, productivity and quality assurance, Associated Scientific team with your lab to help you identify the right growth strategies, cost reduction initiatives and implement customized solutions to improve performance in your research laboratories or clinical laboratory.

Even those labs with great efficiency can benefit by optimizing the lab through permanent improvement. Utilizing our consolidation and incorporation expertise, we are able to maximize overall lab performance and create a stronger organizational design, powerful outreach opportunities, and integrate the latest lab technology.

Consulting & Customized Solutions




Associated Scientific is a strong force in supplying and servicing high quality laboratory instruments. We are here to provide support and guidance when purchasing your new laboratory instruments. We welcome and act on your feedback.

We're always looking to improve every aspect of our business. From more features all the way to more frequent tutorials. Our knowledge and specialized sales service will make the customer comfortable and well satisfied.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we're passionate about the products & services we provide and the quality of our support.

As one of India's oldest laboratory instruments supplier, we have a proven track record for providing reliable instruments and equipments. Most of new clients come from existing client referrals.

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